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I would like to acknowledge and honor the late Michael Dempsey for his input on the first 12 string guitar I built for him and his contribution of Youtube videos featuring Vail Guitars.

Reasons why a Vail Handcrafted guitar is the smart choice.


Fitting the guitar to the player is very important and a much overlooked concern. If you are not comfortable playing your guitar than progress and enjoyment will be compromised. Every persons hands and fingers are unique. So why should a "one size fits all" be the guitar for you? Guitar factories think that you can compensate but they are not the ones playing the guitar!!

After ordering a Vail Guitar you can come to my shop where I will observe and assess your playing style and your unique hand/finger configuration. At that time we can try various neck & body shape sizes to determine the perfect fit for you.

Tone & Sound

Your handcrafted guitar will have its top voiced to bring out its optimal potential of different woods that are available. Every piece of wood is different by nature and needs to be crafted accordingly. Every ear, like hands/fingers is unique to the individual. Certain woods are more pleasing to one person than another. Factory made guitars are made to the same specifications. Assuming of course that all ears are the same!


When purchasing a Vail Guitar you will have a unique, one of a kind, guitar. You will have the opportunity to select your tone woods, neck dimensions, and decorative appointments that match your passions in life.

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